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Sustainably Sophisticated

Pallets Built To Endure


We are dedicated to using the most efficient and renewable source materials and energy to build your pallets, keeping aligned with our planet and industry standards alike.


Our pallets are built to endure your cargo for the long haul. Our manufacturing standard of sourced quality materials has paved the reputation of durability since 1984.


Our cuts are precise and to your specifications to ensure ultimate dynamic support for our entire line of custom sizes and products.


We know deadlines! Our innovative production team provides fast, quality products with your scheduling needs in mind to ensure an easy flow in your cargo export schedule.

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Standard Ship Pallets

For over 35 years, Bayne’s Pallets has been the leading producer of standard cargo and ship pallets in and around the upstate and the most trusted source. We are known for our reliable production, quality lumber, and durably constructed pallets to keep your cargo flow running smoothly without interruption.

Custom Pallet Designs

Our sales team specializes in custom pallet designs to fit your cargo warehousing and export needs. Let us customize your pallet design to keep your products safe and durable in transit. We have over 35 years of experience in cargo pallet construction and a team that is dedicated to your success.


Pallet Repairs

We pride ourselves in the structural integrity of our repaired pallets to withstand your cargo load. Get a quote to repair your pallet inventory today!

Our team is dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service. Choose a way to contact us below for the fastest help!